Customer Testimonials

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" I love your products, I can tell that they have been made with so much love and good energy."
- Crystal Love, Vancouver

"I use your Green Aid Ointment for everyone in my life including my horses, It is the best for cuts, rashes, scrapes and itchy dry skin."
- Sandy, Yukon

"My son had a diaper rash for weeks, a freind of mine suggested your Baby Bottom Salve and within hours it started to clear up."
- Melissa Tetz, Prince Albert, Sask

"Isn't it a dogs life! New to the north from the wet west coast I wasn't prepared for the dry pads that my beautiful Czech Shepherd, Ricky, has had to endure. I applied all manner of moisturizers designed for the human body to her pads but she always sat, leaning against a wall, holding her paws back from me; I could tell that she was not really enjoying the experience. I endured because I could see how dry and cracked her pads had become. A friend introduced me to the Aroma Borealis Pad and Paw treatment and I tried it that night before going to bed.

She slept the whole night and in the morning that fact dawned on me and I realized that up until that point she'd been struggling to sleep because of the discomfort. In the morning I knew I needed to apply more and I walked up to her with the container in my hand. Ricky sniffed it and immediately rolled over onto her back, lifting all four paws into the air. I had never seen anything like it from her, and she clearly is very demonstrative. Since that time she continues to similarly show her pleasure and sleep the night through. I am truly relieved and I can not be more thankful for this product."
- Bell and Ricky

"I love the Aroma Botanica Exfoliating face wash, my skin always seems cleaner and brighter after using it"
- Deanna Gray, Ottawa

"Summer is rough on my hands, way to many hours in the garden! Thanks for making your Hardworking hands cream, it has saved my hands, I also love your lipbalms the hip lips is my favorite"
- Brenda Adams, Saskatoon Saskatchewan