Covid-19 Updates

🌿We are currently still open and operating under our regular business hours but to encourage physical distancing during this time, we encourage local customers to use our in-store pickup option on our website for next day pickup (Mon-Fri only). Stay tuned for any changes. Stay Safe 🌸 Stay Healthy 

Aroma Borealis Covid-19 Statment

We are taking the COVID-19 Global Pandemic very seriously and we have taken steps to keep our customers, employees and our community safe.

In order to keep our staff and customers safe and virus free we need to change how we are interacting.

🌿 We are experiencing high volumes of people in the shop at the moment and we ask to make your shopping with us brief as our staffing resources are limited.

🌿 We are asking that ONLY 6 Customers be in the shop at one time, so please be aware of this and follow staff instruction.

🌿 Remember to please ensure you try and keep the recommended 2 metre social distance away from other customers and ourselves 😊 we will try and do the same.

🌿 If you are experiencing any symptoms of the Covid-19 virus or may have been exposed we ask please do not come to the shop, Stay Home! read the following link from Yukon government.…/information-about-novel-coronavirus-yuko…

🌿 Let's all work together to help prevent COVID-19 cases in Yukon! Please remember to be kind and supportive to everyone around you. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

🌿 Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer (carry it in your pocket) Keep your cell phones clean, Drink plenty of liquids! Rest and try not to stress!

This is how we are responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic to date.

🌿 Increasing the frequency of all cleaning efforts. 
🌿 Employees wash and sanitize hands regularly and wearing gloves at the cash register. 
🌿 All testers have been taken off the shelf
🌿 We are diffusing antimicrobial essential oils throughout the shop 
🌿 Have a protective barrier between customer & staff at the checkout counter.

❤️ With Much Love,
The Aroma Borealis Team