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The Yukon is beautiful, pristine and is teaming with wild medicinal plants! The mountain air, water and land are still clean! Aroma Borealis products are a reflection of how we have been inspired by the northern boreal forest and the people who live here. Aroma Borealis is a business that incorporates Northern wild plants into natural herbal health and aromatherapy bodycare products.

We combine wild plants from the sub arctic, with organically grown herbs and essential oils, which I like to refer to as healing collages from around the globe. Our home - the boreal forest, or taiga, is Earth's largest terrestrial ecosystem and extends unbroken (except for oceans) around the northern pole of the earth. Its immense energy and pristine lands offers us a multitude of plants that we incorporate into Aroma Borealis creations: plants like rosehips, Labrador tea, rose petals, fireweed, balsam fir, usnea, wild mint, bedstraw, horsetail and many more. 

As a skilled herbalist and registered aromatherapist, the formulas that I have created encourage people to take responsibility for their own health through a wholistic and preventative approach.

When my children were little, the business was run out of our home and in 1998 I opened Aroma Borealis Herb Shop, which is nestled in the heart of downtown Whitehorse. This unique shop specializes in products that are kind to the earth and the people who use them. Our star products include Green Aid Ointment, which is an all-purpose ointment for everyday living, in addition to our Arnica Ease cream and my book, The Boreal Herbal: Wild Food and Medicine lants of the North. Here, we manufacture and sell over 200 of our own herbal products, in addition to supplying vitamins & supplements, essential oils, herbal remedies and above all, advice on how to apply the power of plants to the body.

Aroma Borealis spans many levels of the natural health industry. We wild harvest, manufacture, retail, wholesale and educate. Our online store,, enables us to reach customers from across the globe.

Herbaly Yours,

Beverley Gray


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